After unsuccessful research of a Solitaire that will relax me from coding I decided to make my own. The projects I found where ugly, loaded with ads and UI usually was terrible. Then I knew that my game has to be simple as possible, user-friendly and without distraction ads.

The project is based on MootoolsJS. Backend was written in PHP with MySQL used as a database storage. The 'Pasjans' stands out of the rest projects that I've found by ability to play with other players (multiplayer mode). Multiplayer mode was written in Javascript using NodeJS. The native WebSocket API was used to communicate client with server.

I was amazed how many users have welcomed my Pasjans with open hands. Few thousands of users win a deal daily and since the 2011 there where more than 180 billions (last update May 2016) registered wins!



Pasjans Pasjans Pasjans