Symulator Autobusu

In the 'Symulator autobusu' (Bus Simulator) you become a bus driver and your task is to travel from one bus stop to another. You must follow traffic rules and gather all passengers waiting on the bus stop.

The project was started in 2004 and was updated till the first half of 2005 (one and half year). Unfortunately I stopped the development of bus simulator cause of time/finance causes. The latest released version is v0.03.

The project was written in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 6.0 and the game uses OpenGL specification to handle 3D graphics.


0.03 Beta

  • Source code optimization
  • Added new bus type (Solaris Urbino 12). To activate new bus execute game in command line with 'S' argument (temporary solution for choosing another bus).
  • Added opening/closing door animation
  • Increased angle of wheels by 33%
  • Added support for Joystick (beta)

0.02 Beta

  • Added inner lightening (Shortcut 'X')
  • Added ability to run a game directly from command line.
  • Optimization of the source code
  • Added radio (to be specified - added ability to play MP3 files while driving the bus)
  • Refactor 'Options' program that launches simulator (all game options was categorized).
  • Increased MENU animation speed
  • Increased bus sound quality and added separate sounds for engine and for gears.
  • Added ability to pause the game
  • Added game statistics (turning off an engine displays stats about your mission)
  • Added penalty points for not following traffic rules
  • And more...

0.01 Beta

  • Added virtual passengers
  • Added acceleration based on amount of passengers (more passengers = slower bus)
  • Fixed bug related with exiting to menu from game when mirrors are enabled
  • Core engine was equipped with timetable (Shortcut 'R')
  • Added stats bar with basic parameters (amount of passengers, time, score, speed, amount of gasoline)


Main program





Screen Screen Screen